The Best Non-Surgical Under-Eye Treatments

The Best Non-Surgical Under-Eye Treatments

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The Best Non-Surgical Under-Eye Treatments

Are you concerned about the appearance of eye bags, wrinkles, and puffiness under your eyes? If so, you’re not alone. Even though these are all natural signs of ageing – or simply genetically inherited – many struggle with the fact that eye bags can make us look tired and worn down.

In the past, surgical eye bag removal – known as blepharoplasty – was the only aesthetic treatment available for these issues. The procedure involves surgically removing excess skin from around the eye area. However, non surgical treatment options have become increasingly popular in the past decade, offering a less invasive way to achieve a fresh, youthful appearance.

If you’re curious about a non-surgical eye lift, read on. Z Clinic is one of the most advanced aesthetic medicine clinics in the world, and we’ve performed hundreds of non-surgical under-eye treatments – creating a brightened look without going under the knife.

The reasons why you may consider under-eye treatments

As we get older, the delicate skin around our eyes can be one of the first areas to show signs of ageing. As we lose collagen over time, skin laxity increases and our skin begins to sag. Combined with fat loss in the face, loose skin can create under-eye hollows and under-eye bags. This is a natural part of the ageing process, but can also be caused by weight loss or genetics.

Because the eyes are such an important feature of the face – and what others look at the most – specifically targeting the under-eye area can be a small, but hugely effective way to rejuvenate your look. Thanks to new treatments, this can be achieved with a simple non-surgical procedure in minutes.

The best non-surgical under-eye treatments you can get

Tear trough filler – also known as under-eye filler or dermal filler – is a non-invasive and highly effective treatment for tired-looking eyes. The procedure involves dermal fillers being strategically applied beneath the under-eye muscle. This lifts the under-eye area, filling in the valleys under your eyes to reduce the hollowness with some volume, while also smoothing out the skin.

The result is a youthful look, with a reduction in eye bags, deep lines and overall reduction in the hollows.

First, the tear trough area will be numbed with a local anaesthetic. Then, dermal filler will be injected slowly and gradually via just one injection site per side, with the use of a cannula. Patients will be able to see instant results, with the final result usually visible after around 2 weeks. The whole procedure can take less than 15 minutes, and most patients don’t feel any pain at all.

The cannula method, now used by advanced aesthetic clinics across the world, was pioneered by Z Clinic’s Dr. Zerach. Not only is it safer and more accurate than using many needle injections, but results are also smoother, with a faster healing time. At Z Clinic, we use high-quality, natural dermal filler products to achieve the best results. We treat patients as individuals, and all our procedures are tailored to your unique needs

The benefits of going non-surgical

Although eye bag removal surgery can yield great results, it is an invasive procedure that involves the removal of skin from around the eyes. Swelling and bruising can last 1-4 weeks, and patients will have surgical scarring (although this will fade over time). You’ll need to be prepared to take time off work, stay in the clinic overnight and possibly go under general anaesthetic. The process of administering under-eye dermal fillers, on the other hand, is very quick and easy – and can yield very similar results without the commitment and expense

How does the non-surgical procedure work and is it painful?

The procedure usually takes just 10-15 minutes for under-eye treatments. We use an under-eye filler that contains Lidocaine (a numbing substance) so the treatment isn’t very painful.

There will be 3 entry points to the under-eyes area and from them, a cannula will be inserted under the dermal level where the filler will be equally administered.

Although patients may experience a little swelling and redness, this rarely lasts longer than a day – and you won’t need to take time off.

Finally, one more benefit of a non-surgical alternative is that you’re not taking anything away from your face – so the results look more natural. Because a surgical eye lift involves the removal of skin, it can cause patients to look quite different afterwards.

Get your confidence back with Z Clinic’s non-surgical under-eye treatments

If you’re fed up with using creams, eye masks and ointments that have never fixed your tired-looking eyes, come to the most advanced aesthetic clinic London has to offer. Our non-surgical eye bag removal treatments can soften deep lines, even out under-eye hollows and sagging skin, making you look fresher and brighter. Using minimally invasive procedures, we can create natural-looking results in minutes – and you don’t even need to disrupt your day.

Looking for tear trough filler near me ? Do you have questions or concerns about getting under eye fillers? Contact our friendly team today, or visit our London beauty clinic on Wimpole Street, Marylebone to see what we can do for you today.

At the Z Clinic, we understand the importance of feeling confident in your own skin. Our team of experts, led by Dr Zerach, is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and service for all of our clients. With a passion for precision and an unwavering commitment to delivering natural-looking results, Dr Zerach is a true master in the field of facial contouring. Whether you’re looking to enhance your cheekbones, define your jawline, or lift your eyebrows, our team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that achieves your desired look.